10 set menus in Sydney for under $100 - EatDrinkPlay (2023)

We've rounded up our favorite Sydney menus under $100 to ease your indecision dilemma.

You've managed to join the fun for a late-night gourmet meal, but the discounts don't stop there! Between diets and monthly budgets, finding a restaurant that caters to the masses isn't a bad thing. Lucky for you, we've rounded up our favorite Sydney restaurants where you and your friends can enjoy hearty meals for under $100 without the stress of deciding what to order.

Alpha, Sydney CBD

Alpha is high on our listThe best Greek restaurants in Sydneyand with good reason! This restaurant offers a casual taste of classic Greek food from award-winning chef Peter Conistis. The menu showcases local ingredients transformed into traditional recipes, resulting in fresh, simple and balanced food that everyone at the table will love.

Alpha offers four set menus, three of which are under a grand - Yiayia's $75 per person menu features 11 sharing-style dishes and includes all your favorite menu items, including: Taramosolata with white cod sauce and bottarga. Halloumi Saganaki with cooked figs, pistachios and lemon. culminating in a main course of grilled chicken in Feta brine with turlou turlou and ribbons.

For $95 per person, try Papou's Menu featuring 12 signature dishes, including decadent white fig baklava with almonds, chocolate and roasted fig ice cream. For our plant-lovers, you'll also find vegan boxes for $65 per person, which include 9 delicious plant-based meals to eat.

  • CENA| happy (vegetarian) Menu $65 per person | Yiayia Menu for $75 per person | Papou menu for $95 per person
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Chin Chin, Surry Hills

Then we have a crazy collision of Southeast Asian free art, contemporary art and good old Surry Hills vibes. Chin Chin is all about inducing the kind of sensory overload that will keep you coming back. The menu presents a noisy mix of Southeast Asian dishes, with a weakness for the harmony and delicacy of Thai cuisine.

Chin Chin has created 3 "Feed Me" menus that do exactly what they say on the tin. If, like us, you're overwhelmed by the menu, the chef's dinner at $88 per person is the answer to all your indecision dilemmas. Enjoy kingfish sashimi with lime, chilli, coconut and Thai basil before moving on to a hearty main course of double-cooked beef ribs with coconut shavings and prik nahm pla.

  • CENA| Chef's Dinner $88 per person

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Pole, Sydney CBD

Maydanoz burst onto the Sydney food scene earlier this year with a new breed of plant-based dishes such asa fully Turkish, fully authentic menuinspired by vegetable dishes from the Turkish Aegean coast.

Since most of the dishes are prepared in the "zeytinyagli" way (cooked in olive oil), the menu includes ingredients such as wild weeds; fresh herbs; ancient seed; seeds; and legumes - perfect for vegans and vegetarians, and at $88 per person you can be sure it's pretty good in your bag too!

The 9-course (5-course) festive menu immerses you in a flavor-packed tour of the Aegean coast with menu highlights including a barrel-aged smoked beetroot sandwich with rhubarb and feta and a hearty halloumi kebab with honey, sesame and rosemary ash.

  • CENA| Christmas menu $88 per person
That's it, Barangaroo

Sama Sama (which means "you're welcome" in Indonesian) was inspired by owner David Bae's travels to places like Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.Sama Sama brings to Barangaroo a hearty dose of the country's culinary highlightswith a buffet of delicious dishes designed for sharing.

The Feed Me menu for $79 per person includes 9 signature dishes, with the option to customize the menu with the main dishes of your choice. The mud crab pasta is an absolute must before moving on to your main course - Kung Pau Chicken or fresh Barramundi.

  • CENA| Food cost USD 79 per person

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Long Chim, Sydney CBD

Long Chim means 'come and try' - and the menu suggests just that - a balanced and rich selection of authentic food at one of Sydney's best-loved Thai restaurants.

The "Maa Long Chim" (come, taste and try) sets are the perfect place to start your Thai culinary adventure. Since both menus cost less than $100, the only question that needs to be answered is "how hungry are you?".

The Classic Maa Long Chim at US$79 per person is a celebration of Long Chim favorites for a true taste of Bangkok. The menu includes dishes like the famously delicious chicken curry with sweet potatoes, cucumbers, fried shallots and coconut cream, while Signature Maa's $99 per person Long Chim menu culminates in beef Mussman Curry with black cardamom, pickled mustard and coconut. cream.

  • CENA| Classic Maa Long Chim $79 per person | Signature Maa Long Chim $99 per person
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Nur, Surry Hills

Looking for a Middle Eastern menu that doesn't follow the rules? Look for him at Nour Restaurant in Surry Hills. This Lebanese-inspired menu combines classic dishes and reinvents them with a creative twist, providing endless access to food and cocktails that are vibrant, bold and seriously delicious.

The banquet menu at $89 per person includes 7 dishes of the chef's choice, including Chemen beef basturma with dates and vine leaf salad as a main course, barbero lamb sauce with beans and green zhug, and to finish - the exquisite Tamir cake and olive oil. with coconut labneh and jazarieh.

  • CENA| Banquet menu $89 per person
Grana, Sydney CBD

If you have already looked at our listThe best pasta dishes in Sydney, you will learn Gran's philosophy of "simple dishes, well done". Grana means 'grain' which is at the heart of what they do, they source grains from NSW and mill them on site to produce flour which is used in bakeries, pasta and patisseries inland to produce fresh and delicious treats.

Granny's shared menu is $69 per person and includes a 4-course Italian feast. As a main course you will have fresh Gigli pasta that nonna made with nduja, charred octopus and cumin di rapa. Upgrade to the shared menu for $89 per person and enjoy home-cooked foodHair deprivationwhich we can't stop talking about. It is served al dente with broccoli, hot lime and subtle chili. The crispy pangrattato takes this dish to the next level, as do the anchovies hiding inside.

  • CENA| Shared menu $69 per person | Shared menu $89 per person

10 set menus in Sydney for under $100 - EatDrinkPlay (5)

Cho Cho San, Potts Point

Name a cuisine that is more human-friendly than Japanese, we'll wait. Cho Cho San offers a generous dose of flavor with imaginative Izakaya-inspired dishes that offer maximum enjoyment for the whole table.

The Izakaya set menu from $65 per person includes 7 courses of classic favorites such as miso eggplant and breaded tonka pork with bulldog sauce, as well as imaginative new combinations such as pumpkin pudding dessert served with miso caramel and silken tofu. If you're hungry, opt for the $95 Cho Cho San Feast, which offers 9 decadent dishes, including XO Crab Rice with katsuobushi.

  • CENA| Izakaya set menu $69 per person | Cho Cho San feast $95 per person
AlegreDear Luka

Alegre is an upscale Mexican restaurant serving beats, barbacoa, mezcals and Mayan cooking techniques in Darling Harbour. The menu pays homage to traditional Mayan cooking methods, infused with distinctly indigenous Australian ingredients.

Inspired by unforgettable meals in Tulum, the $89 per person Experience Share Menu offers the ultimate taste of Mexico in an 8-course menu. You'll enjoy hearty treats like the Achiote Chicken Taco with chipotle mayo, grilled pineapple, pickled jalapeños, onions, avocado and cilantro before moving on to a shared main course of Mayan-spiced shrimp and sweet and sour passion fruit milk chocolate and habanero foam to complete .

  • CENA| Experience sharing menu $89 per person

10 set menus in Sydney for under $100 - EatDrinkPlay (6)

Hi Redfern

Inspired by the bars and restaurants of Catalonia, everything from the wine on the shelves to the friendly hospitality will take you straight to a bar in Barcelona. One of oursSydney's favorite wine barsLa Saluta's wine list explores a wide range of Spanish wines in 200 bottles, with a focus on contemporary, innovative winemakers as well as the region's greatest hits.

To accompany your wine tour, La Salut serves two prix fixe menus priced at $75 and $90. The desktop menu includes delicacies from the Basque Country, such as marinated sardines served in smoked olive oil with marinated garlic, sweet peppers and aubergine puree. For dessert, try Turron – a macaron-like sweet from southwestern Europe – with coffee ganache.

  • CENA| $75 set menu, $90 set menu


What is a set price menu? ›

What is a Prix Fixe Menu? A prix fixe menu offers guests a multi-course meal for a fixed price. In most circumstances, guests will have options to choose from for each course. In some cases, the entire meal is planned and selected ahead of time by the chef.

Are set menus cheaper? ›

That set meals usually cost a lot less than the same items a la carte is familiar to all restaurant goers. The reasons are simple. First, the items are not exactly the same at least in portions and/or presentations.

What type of menu offers a set menu with no options and for one price? ›

A prix fixe (a French term meaning “fixed price”) is a menu that offers a full meal at a set rate. Typically, that means diners get three courses consisting of an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Diners choose from multiple options for each of the three courses, but the price remains the same no matter the selection.

Which type of menu has a set price for the entire meal? ›

A prix fixe menu is a fixed menu with little to no variability for a fixed total price. It typically includes an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert.

Do you get everything on a set menu? ›

A set menu is a multi-course menu for a fixed price, and includes very few — if any — choices by customers. The selection of dishes is “set” in advance by the chef. Some courses may have 1–2 options, but many set menus have no options at all; customers order the set menu or nothing at all.

What is a set menu example? ›

A set menu is a menu with a specific set of meals to choose from. The price charged for each meal is the same. There is a single set menu, with four courses for $31. Our set menu is offered alongside the à la carte menu.

What is a California menu? ›

California menu is used only in the California restaurants where food items are available regardless of the time of the day whether it is breakfast or lunch or dinner. California menu can be offered as separate menu for each meal, such as, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

What's a menu item with high profit but low popularity on the menu? ›

Puzzles are menu items that are profitable, but not a popular choice. Try to pinpoint why they aren't selling.

What are the six types of menus? ›

"Menus are classified into six types: à la carte, table d'hôte, prix fixe, set, tasting, and buffet". 2. A table d'hôte is a fixed-price menu that includes a full meal.

What are the 2 types of menus? ›

DEFINITION OF MENU TYPES: A menu (don't forget to check out our A5 menu covers) may be classified into two categories: a'la carte and table d'hôte. The distinction is that the former has a menu with individual prices for each item, whilst the latter has a set price for the entire meal.

How do I make a food menu list? ›

How to Make a Restaurant Menu
  1. Write Out all Menu Items. Before you dive into design, you have to learn to write a restaurant menu. ...
  2. Categorize Menu Items. ...
  3. Set Menu Prices. ...
  4. Create Menu Descriptions. ...
  5. Decide on a Menu Color Scheme. ...
  6. Design Your Restaurant Menu. ...
  7. Restaurant Menu Photos. ...
  8. Choose Menu Fonts, Spacing, and Composition.

What does set price mean? ›

Set Price is a dollar amount added to the final, calculated Retail Price: It is a one time dollar value applied to each piece sold. The dollar amount does not vary with the amount or area of stock used.

What does having a set menu mean? ›

A set menu is a menu with a specific set of meals to choose from. The price charged for each meal is the same.

What does it mean to set a price? ›

to set a price: to choose, establish or fix a price or cost idiom.

What is the difference between a set menu and à la carte? ›

In restaurants, à la carte (/ɑːləˈkɑːrt/; lit. 'at the card') is the practice of ordering individual dishes from a menu in a restaurant, as opposed to table d'hôte, where a set menu is offered.


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